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As a Certified Firearms Appraiser, I can provide you with the best valuation of your firearm/firearms. I have over 40 years of experience in the firearms industry. As an Appraiser, Gunsmith and my  Certifications, I have developed many resources to get the most accurate information for your firearm appraisals.

I will do appraisals for modern, antique, military, tactical and European firearms.

I follow the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice ( USPAP ). This is the accepted standards for all appraisers in the United States.


Written appraisals are needed for auction or resale, Insurance purposes, estate, divorce, gift/charity and Bankruptcy. Attorneys and insurance companies want a written appraisal from a Certified Firearms Appraiser for it to be valid. 

Written appraisals are necessary to show proof of the value of your firearms.

Check your Home Owners Insurance. Your insurance may have a limit on how much they will cover on firearms. They may want an appraisal to add to your coverage.

I use the Photo Percentage Grading System, or the NRA Antique or modern system to grade the condition of your firearms. This will be determined by the type of firearm that is to be appraised. These grading systems are the industry standard for firearm appraisals.

Costs: Cost is based on the type of appraisal you need and the amount of firearms that need to be appraised.

Most appraisals are $30.00 non refundable deposit plus 2% of appraised value of each firearm. 

Some rarer or highly collectable firearms may cost more. An example would be Parker or L.C. Smith shotguns,or Lugers (1400 variations). More research would need to be done to get you the best appraisal possible.

Please contact me by phone or e-mail to address your specific needs.

All appraisals will be in written form.

I can do a single firearm or a collection. I offer reduced rates for collections.

The most accurate appraisals are done in person. You can bring your firearm/firearms to me or I can travel to your location.

I can do appraisals by e-mail. You must send photos to me. I will contact you with any additional photographs I would need.  Please contact me by phone or e-mail for more details. The appraisal will be based on the information and photographs you provide me.

Please contact me by phone or e-mail to answer any questions you may have.

Thank you

Stephen Pickett

Certified Firearms Appraiser

Certification number AGIsp132115