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Pickett's Gunworks offers many services to improve the performance and looks of your GLOCK pistol.

  • Service packages to keep your GLOCK performing at it's best.
  • Trigger work for your specific needs. ( Personal protection, competition, duty carry, or just an all around better feel.
  • Synthetic finishes
  • Sight installation
  • Smoothing and tuning, using the Glock original parts already in your pistol.
  • Repairs

GLOCK SERVICE PACKAGE: ​ Complete disassembly of the Glock. Inspection of the safeties,springs,striker,extractor,and magazine release. Deep cleaning and proper lubrication. COST: $65.00 (Customer will be informed of any issues and recommendations).

GLOCK TRIGGER PACKAGE:  ​This package will give the Glock a smoother action, making the pistol more accurate, by making the trigger smoother and a faster reset. The pistol will have a 3 1/2 LB. trigger pull. COST $95.00 (including parts)

GLOCK UPGRADE PACKAGE: Get the best performance out of your Glock. The package will increase accuracy, smoother performance, and ease of operation.The package will upgrade the springs, connector, striker and spring, upgraded magazine  and slide release. COST; $125.00 including all upgrades.

CONCEALED CARRY PACKAGE: Includes proper trigger weight, faster and smoother trigger pull and reset for faster follow up shots. Extended magazine and slide release for faster reloads. COST: $130.00 (including parts)

KIT INSTALLATION SERVICE: Your preferred performance kit will be installed for you. COST: $65.00 to $100.00 depending on kit and any modifications.

The Glock is the most reliable handgun on the market.That is why 65% of all Law Enforcement agencies use the Glock as their duty handgun. The Glock is used by many competitors. 

The Glock is extremely safe and dependable for the beginning shooter. 

The Glock is adaptable to the shooters needs. It is an excellent handgun out of the box. You can make modifications to the gun to suit your needs and make it your own.

I have worked on Glocks for many years and have discovered what works best, based on the performance you want out of the Glock.

If you have any questions about the services I offer or questions about your Glock, please call me or send me an e-mail.