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Pickett's Gunworks offers many services to improve the performance and looks of your Glock pistol.

  • Service packages to keep your Glock performing at it's best.
  • Trigger work for your specific needs. ( Personal protection, competition, duty carry, or just all around better trigger feel). 
  • Grip enhancements
  • Synthetic finishes 
  • Sight installation 
  • Gunsmith fit barrels
  • Smoothing and tuning, using the Glock parts already in your pistol.



Complete disassembly of the Glock. Inspection of the safeties, springs,striker,extractor, and magazine release.

Deep cleaning and proper lubrication.

COST: $65.00


This package will give the Glock a smoother action, making the pistol more accurate, by making the trigger smoother and have a faster reset. 

The pistol will have a 3 1/2 lb. trigger pull  or trigger weight of your choice. 

Cost:$95.00 (including parts)


Get the best performance out of your Glock. It will increase accuracy, smoother performance, and ease of operation.

Cost: $125.00 (including parts)

CONCEALED CARRY PACKAGE: includes proper trigger weight, faster and smoother trigger pull and a proper reset for faster follow up shots. Extended magazine and slide release for faster reloads.COST: $130.00 (includes all parts)

Kit installation service:  Pickett's Gunworks will install your preferred performance kit. COST: $35.00 to $75.00 depending on kit and any modifications.

For other services or questions, please feel free to call me at 614-309-0732 or email me at [email protected].

Thank you

Steve Pickett

The Glock pistol is a reliable and functional gun right out of the box. As with any firearm, one size does not fit all.

Individual shooters want a Glock pistol to suit their needs. Pickett's Gunworks offers many options to get your Glock to fit your needs.

After working on many Glocks, I have discovered the best products and techniques to get the most out of your Glock, at the most reasonable prices.

With so many options and new products coming out almost everyday, the "next best thing" is not always the case.

Please call me and we can discuss the best options for your Glock needs.

Steve Pickett


email: [email protected]