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SIGHT INSTALLATION: Pickett's Gunworks will install your sights and bore sight your gun, on firearms already dovetailed. Pickett's Gunworks does not cut dovetails or drill and tap.  COST: $35.00

STOCK REFINISHING:  Pickett's Gunworks does stock refinishing. From a Satin finish to a High Gloss finish.  All the old finish is removed and all dents, scratches and gouges are repaired. The proper stain is used to finish the gun and it is hand rubbed to the finish you desire.

PRICING: $250.00 to $350.00

Depending on the firearm, sometimes repairing the stock is a better option. This would include removing the old finish, and hand rubbing the wood to it's natural color. Some of the small dents and scratches are not removed to give the firearm a more natural look and finish. This is a finish that would work on a firearm that has sentimental value or you just want to give the gun a nice look and protection. PRICING: $75.00 to $125.00

All pricing is based on the amount of damage and/or finish you want. The above pricing is a range. Until the firearm is examined  and the type of finish you want is discussed, will determine pricing. Please call or use the "Contact Page" or stop by so we can discuss what you would like to have done. 

BORE SIGHTING: Pickett's Gunworks will bore sight your scope or sights. On scopes your reticles will be aligned with axis of the barrel and then bore sighted. You will still have to shoot the gun for final sight in. On other guns, the firearm is sighted in with a laser.

PROFESSIONAL CLEANING: The gun is disassembled and all parts are cleaned and properly lubricated. Carbon, copper fouling, and plastic wadding are removed from the barrel, chamber, and receiver (depending on firearm). Pickett's Gunworks uses cleaning solutions that are safe for your firearm. After the gun is cleaned and lubricated, a proprietary blend can be applied to protect the firearm from the weather, provide easier cleaning, and extend the accuracy and durability of your firearm. COST: $65.00.

RUST REMOVAL: The rust can be removed from your firearm and be safe for the metal and wood finishes. Depending on the amount of rust, will determine pricing. $75.00 to $125.00. Depending on pitting and damage. This is in addition to the cleaning of the firearm. Cleaning and rust removal can be bundled to save on costs. 

S&W M&P ARMORER: M&P full size, Mid-size & Compact pistol in M&P9MM, M&P 40,M&P 357 and M&P45 only

                                               M&P SHIELD Pistol: M&P SHIELD 9mm & M&P Shield .40 S&W only


COMPLETE INSPECTION AND CLEANING SERVICE: Complete disassembly of firearm and all parts are inspected and cleaned.  S&W RECOMMENDS THAT ALL S&W M&P PISTOLS BE INSPECTED ANNUALLY. IF MORE THAN 500 ROUNDS ARE FIRED, THEN INSPECTIONS SHOULD BE MORE FREQUENT. (customer will be notified of any problems and recommendations). $125.00

REPAIRS: Pickett's Gunworks offers repairs on the S&W M&P pistols. Cost will range depending on problem. Please call for estimate.