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Pickett's Gunworks can make your revolver perform better and look it's best.  Many service and performance packages are offered to get the best out of your revolver.

Work can be done on S&W, Colt, Ruger, Taurus and Charter Arms revolvers.( Please call about other makes and models.)


Revolver maintenance package: Revolver maintenance is important in keeping your gun operating at it's best. Revolver is completely disassembled and cleaned and inspected for wear and damage. All springs are inspected, cylinder stop, release and alignment are checked.  The yoke and crane are checked for proper alignment. The gun is properly lubricated and a protectant is applied to the revolver. COST: $100.00

Revolver service package: For a improved trigger pull and consistent feel to the trigger. This is the service package you need. The revolver is disassembled and cleaned.Performance grade springs are installed. COST: $125.00 (includes performance springs)

Revolver upgrade Service: This service is for older revolvers. To keep your gun operating properly and add service life to your revolver. The gun is disassembled and cleaned. The parts are inspected for wear or damage. All springs are replaced with factory springs. A dry lubricant is applied to critical parts to reduce friction and get smoother performance. A protectant is applied. COST $125.00 (includes replacement springs)

Accuracy package: ​This package will increase the accuracy of your revolver. All critical parts are smoothed and tuned to your revolver. An accuracy and performance trigger spring kit is installed.​ This gives a lighter and smoother consistent trigger pull. The cylinder and barrel are ranged for proper alignment. End shake is removed from the cylinder.  Adjustable sights can be installed (optional). COST: $280.00 ( includes trigger kit and springs) sights are extra

SINGLE ACTION REVOLVERS: The above services and packages are offered for the single action revolvers.

SA Revolver Action job-Smooth/Tune Action: Cost: $100.00 to $250.00 Costs vary, based on type of firearm, trigger weight, and if performance springs or triggers are needed.

SA revolver maintenance package: COST: $100.00

SA revolver service package: COST: $125.00

SA revolver upgrade service: COST: $125.00



Time cylinder

Range barrel to cylinder

Straighten crane 

Align yoke

If you have any questions about your revolver and/or services that are provided, please call at 614-309-0732.