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Pickett's Gunworks offers a variety of firearm repairs and services. The following services are just some of the more common repairs and services available. 

FIREARMS REPAIRS: Pickett's Gunworks offers firearms repairs on name brand pistols, revolvers, shotguns and rifles. (S&W, Colt, Winchester,Glock,Savage,Mossberg, Ithica, Charter Arms, Taurus,Remington, Marlin and Browning). Please call about other brands of firearms.

Stock work: 

REFINISHING:  Heirloom quality finish. Nicks, scratches and dents removed, hand rubbed satin or high gloss finish.

RESTORING: Removing old finish, bring out natural wood finish and completed with a satin finish.  This finish leaves the patina.  Restoring may be a better option ( on certain firearms) than trying to make the gun look new.

STOCK REPAIR:  Broken or cracked stocks.

GLASS BEDDING: Hunting rifle, Match rifles and  Synthetic stocks (prefinished). 



BLUING: 400 grit finish on Long guns or  Handguns.  rust removal, if necessary. Pitting and rust damage may need draw filing, (shop rate per hour). Special finishes may cost more. Please call to discuss the type of finish you are looking for.

SYNTHETIC BLUING: Looks like a blued gun, but is rust and corrosion proof. This is  not an "in- the -can finish". Proper equipment, additives and prep work is necessary to‚Äč achieve long lasting and beautiful blued gun look.

SYNTHETIC FINISHES: Many colors options, camo patterns and finishes are available. I use many different synthetic products depending on your needs.

COLOR CASE HARDENING: A chemical process, not heat treated, that can add beauty and value to your firearm.

SCOPE MOUNTING:  Includes collimating, Laser bore sighting,lapping scope rings (if necessary).

INSTALLING SIGHTS: On handgun (front and/or rear).  Rifle or shotgun already dovetailed, and shotgun Bead sights .

RUST REMOVAL: Pricing  Depends on severity. Pitting and scratch removal is extra. (draw filing, shop rate per hour).

TRIGGER WORK:   Pricing varies, depending on type of firearm, trigger pull weight, and sear systems. I Install trigger kits.  Please call about your specific needs.

PROFESSIONAL CLEANING:This includes complete disassembly of firearm, parts are cleaned and inspected for damage or wear, and properly lubricated. Customer will be notified of any damage.

GUN INSPECTION: The gun will be inspected for safe operation, bore inspection,the fire control system will be inspected for any wear or damage and the firearm will be function tested.

AR RIFLE SERVICES: (M16 AND M4 ONLY): Repairs: please call for pricing. Inspection:  rifle is completely disassembled and a 50 point inspection is done. Maintenance: Fire control system is cleaned and properly lubricated, gas tubes and chambers cleaned, chamber and barrel fouling removed.


IMPORTANT: Pickett's Gunworks does not do any machining or drill and tap work.  I can refer you to someone who does excellent work.

PHONE: 614-309-0732

email: [email protected]

ADDRESS: 10522 ST. RT. 682, THE PLAINS, OHIO 45780